How are your prediction skills?

The competition is now closed but you can still order David’s book and get a 25% discount with the link in this article.

Around a year ago I met, in a virtual sense, David Sumpter, a professor of mathematics at the University of Uppsala in Sweden and a football nut like myself. He was writing a book called Soccermatics, which combined his work in the field of animal behaviour and his love of football, which he generously allowed me to read and comment upon. He also used my Premier League prediction data in chapter 11 of his book and his publisher has kindly allowed me to reproduce the relevant passages at the link below. I can also offer a copy of David’s book to the winners of a competition which I have set further down this article and, if you would like to order a copy anyway, there is also a discount code below which you can use.


If you would like to buy a copy of Soccermatics, go to and enter code SOCCERMATICS25 at the checkout to receive 25% off David Sumpter’s book.

Chapter 11 of Soccermatics is called “Bet against the masses” and includes an analysis of my predictions data from last season. The relevant part of the chapter can be downloaded and read by clicking here.


In order to win a copy of Soccermatics, a book which I heartily recommend, I’d like people (United Kingdom based only please as prizes will only be sent to UK addresses) to show me their prediction skills by tweeting me their answers to the following question:

Which 6 clubs will win this season’s Europa League, FA Cup, Champions League, Championship play-offs, League One play-offs and League Two play-offs and how many goals will be scored in these six matches?

Please tweet your answers to me before the final of the Europa League kicks-off on Wednesday, 18 May like this:
@simongleave Liverpool, Man Utd, Real Madrid, Hull, Millwall, Plymouth, 15

The competition will be judged as follows:

  • You will be eliminated as soon as you get one of the winners wrong (note that the Championship play-off final takes place BEFORE the Champions League final)
  • If that does not provide a winner, I will go back with those who can’t be separated and repeat the process from the last elimination.
  • If that still does not provide a winner, I will count the number (out of 6) that those who can’t be separated have correct
  • If that still does not provide a winner, the number of goals will be used as a final tiebreaker between those who can’t be separated. This total will include goals scored in extra-time but not those scored in penalty shoot-outs.

So, get predicting and good luck.



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2 Responses to How are your prediction skills?

  1. Sounds like a good fun competition. Something I will get involved with if you do it again!

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