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What is analytics? A response to Chris Anderson

The excellent Chris Anderson has posted a blog asking what analytics actually is. This struck me immediately as an important question, particularly given the way that the word has become so overused that it is perhaps difficult for people to … Continue reading

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How can three of the world’s top five team be in the same RWC pool?

A few months ago, I wrote about the unfairness to some teams of the draw for World Cup qualification for football taking place more than a year before the European matches began. In rugby there is a similar situation, one … Continue reading

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Is 12 matches really enough to judge Mancini?

I have written about Manchester City’s Champions League campaign before here but twitter discussions today brought the subject back to me, not least this tweet: So, to attempt to answer Douglas’s question, I would like to refer to Michael Mauboussin’s book … Continue reading

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