The 76 predict the League Two play-offs

After a poor start with only 14  of the 76 predictors  managing to correctly forecast one of the two finalists in the Championship play-offs, attention turns to the League Two play-offs as the second legs of the two semi-finals will be played this evening. Again, a big favourite  emerged from the 76 but this time it was not the same team as the one the market odds most favoured.

L2PlayOffsThis time around, it was Exeter City who were favoured almost twice as much by the market odds than by the 76 before the first legs of the League Two play-offs were played. Luton Town were the runaway favourite with the 76 – 40 entrants (or 53%) selecting them to win. The Euro Club Index also favoured Luton Town the most with Carlisle United the outsiders.

The first legs of these play-offs were played last Sunday, ending in a 3-2 win for Blackpool against Luton Town and a 3-3 draw for Carlisle United and Exeter City. The second legs will be played in Luton and Carlisle this evening and the following shows how those odds have changed for the Euro Club Index and the market.


Exeter City’s draw in Carlisle has actually reduced their market odds slightly but they remain favourites, with Blackpool expected to join them in the League Two final on Sunday, 28 May. Luton’s odds have also barely changed with the odds makers and Carlisle remain the outsiders. The Euro Club Index gives Blackpool much more chance of reaching the final after their 3-2 win and Luton much less than the market does.

The League Two play-off final is the fourth of the finals in the prediction competition so many will already be out by then. However, with only 14 people left with a finalist in the Championship play-off final, it is very important that those 14 have the chance to make it four out of four in the League Two play-off final a day earlier.

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