Current Champions League team most likely to win Europa League

The Europa League kicks off on Thursday, 18 September and at this stage there is less chance of an eventual Europa League winner coming from one of the 48 teams starting the competition than there is from one of the 32 teams currently competing in the Champions League.


Using the Euro Club Index ranking of European football clubs, it is possible to simulate the Europa League and Champions League tournaments in order to estimate the chances that each team has of winning the competition, or of reaching specific stages. Tottenham Hotspur are currently favourites but, with 80 teams in with a theoretical chance of winning it, Spurs only have around a 9% chance of ending the season as Europa League winners. Below are the 10 most likely champions of this season’s Europa League prior to the Champions League or Europa League starting, and their chance of lifting the trophy.



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2 Responses to Current Champions League team most likely to win Europa League

  1. This is solely based on the strengths of the clubs… Tottenham Hotspur always starts with a B-team in the Europa League. I wouldn’t bet on them.

    • I have said nothing about betting on them or otherwise. This represents the underlying strength of the club. If they choose to use a sub optimal strategy, that is their choice, and an odd one given that a Champions League place is available to the winner.

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