Introducing the Eredivisie

The Dutch Premier League, known as the Eredivisie, is one of the top six leagues in
the world in terms of attendance but it undeservedly receives little attention
outside of the Netherlands. This blog will attempt to redress the balance by
bringing the competition to a hopefully wider public.

Now that the internet has made football a truly global phenomenon, it surprises
me that there is not more interest in the Dutch league. It is a high scoring,
attacking competition which combines a high degree of technical skill with the
opportunity to see future stars develop in a top level league. Just look at how
many current Premier League players began or have spent part of their careers
in the Netherlands. This is something we will look at in more detail in the

Almost everything written in English about the Eredivisie concentrates on Ajax
but the Amsterdam based club is only one of the four clubs to have won the
Dutch championship between 2008 and 2011. The league has become more and more
competitive in recent years and has provided more different league winners than
other major competitions.





So, here in the Netherlands, we have a football competition which is highly competitive, attacking and provides the opportunity to see potential future stars shine. Surely at least as interesting as those leagues that attract more international coverage and yes, the average attendance here is indeed higher – by nearly 1,000 per match – than in France’s Ligue 1.

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